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Spring is a great time to go chasing waterfalls as they’re usually at their fullest from the melting winter snow and spring rain. Here are 5 waterfalls to visit in Michigan, all easy to access, and all are very much worth the trip.

Have you been to any of these? What did you think? Share your experience with me in the comments below.

1. Bond Falls

One of the most overlooked falls in Michigan. Maybe because of its location in the Upper Peninsula, a little bit out of the way. But regardless, this is one of my favorite falls to visit if not THE most favorite of all. You can visit the lower and the upper falls, or just one of them. There are picnic tables around and boardwalks for all-access. And it’s pet-friendly, too! Trust me, no picture you see of these beautiful falls will ever do them justice. Go see them in person and tell me what you think!

Bond Falls, Michigan Travelist
Bond Falls. Photo by Michigan Travelist.

2. Ocqueoc Falls

The only recognized waterfall in the lower peninsula, it’s located in a beautiful park, with trails and boardwalks and a wading pool where you can swim in the summer. This one is a lot of fun for families, with a pleasant setting and picnic tables, and it’s definitely worth a visit!

Ocqueoc Falls - Michigan Travelist
Ocqueoc Falls. Photo by Michigan Travelist.

3. Wagner Falls

This beautiful fall is located roadside, around the entrance of Munising. Over the past few years many improvements have been made in its parking and signage. This fall is a delight to visit, with boardwalk from the entrance to the viewpoint, which also makes them all-access. AND you can bring your fur friend. ❤️🐶❤️

Wagner Falls - Michigan Travelist
Wagner Falls. Photo by Michigan Travelist.

4. Munising Falls.

Another fall with easy access and boardwalks (although it has a steep area) this one is gorgeous in any season. I especially love to visit during the winter when you can see it entirely frozen. Spring is the next best time to visit as (like with all the waterfalls) it is at its fullest.

Munising Falls - Michigan Travelist
Munising Falls. Photo by Michigan Travelist.

5. Tahquamenon Falls

You can spend as much or as little time as you want here. You can visit the lower and the upper falls, or only one of them. You can hike the trail in the woods that connects both falls or you can drive to both of them for faster and easier access. No matter what you choose, Tahquamenon is always a favorite!

Tafquamenon Falls. Michigan Travelist. 5 waterfalls to visit in Michigan.
Tahquamenon Falls. Photo by Michigan Travelist.
So… This is my list of beautiful waterfalls easy to access in Michigan. Share it with a friend with whom you would love to go waterfalling! Did I leave your favorite out? Let me know in the comments.

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